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Bishop Michael challenges us - Next Steps

On 20th May Bishop Michael officially launched our new Diocesan ‘Direction of Travel’ in the Cathedral (see last issue). Now he asks us ‘to reflect on how this direction can focus our mission and ministry around the three key areas of discipleship, vocation and evangelism.

All parishes are asked to reflect together and to send in stories or key points that reflect how these three themes work out in our setting, and how we’re trying to live them out now, in the coming year and in the years ahead. We'll be looking at this at the next DCC meeting on 19 September, and we need your ideas!

Bishop Michael’s  thoughts on how we can learn from St Chad on each of them are here.

For Bishop Michael's summary of what these things all mean, and for a form where you can share your thoughts with us, click below...



Following Christ in Evangelism

Following Christ in Vocation

Following Christ in discipleship